DIY Easy Eco-Friendly Mason Jar Photo Holder

DIY Easy Eco-Friendly Mason Jar Photo Holder

Mason Jars have a way of always being in fashion! Home décor from Country cottage to industrial design, to rustic chic, mason jars find their way to being an element to incorporate into your home décor while also being functional. The versatility and resourcefulness of mason jars makes them a perfect item to recycle and reuse. In this DIY project we will be using a reliable and timeless mason jar to showcase a photo in style. This project is perfect for home décor as it is easy to interchange the photos inside the mason jar. In addition, you have the opportunity to transform the jar to add your own flare and design elements to reflect the space you are planning to display the mason jar photo holder. For now, choose a favorite photo, grab an old mason jar, look in your craft supplies for items to highlight the jar, and that is simply all you need to get started on a wonderful family photo display for a beautiful and resourceful addition of décor to any space.

Supplies Needed:

Mason Jar

Favorite photo at the moment




Masking Tape or Adhesive label (if painting the jar)

Paint Brush (only if painting)

Clear Spray Paint (optional)

Acrylic Paints (optional)

Contact Paper (optional)

Artificial Flowers or leaves (optional)

Twine or Ribbon (optional)

Any other items to add a little flare to your mason jar photo frame


1-You will want to have an idea of the type of decor you will add to your mason jar. Take a look at the space you wish to place the mason jar photo holder in. In addition, search around in your craft items to see what would match the décor in that space. A wonderful element to this project is that you really do not need to buy any extra items other than a mason jar, photo, and what you already have at home. Basically, this is a chance to take out all those old craft items you have been storing, and finally put them to good use in a stylish and functional way. When looking through our craft items, we had some white paint that was perfect for this project.

The space we wanted to use the mason jar photo holder in already had several colors in the space, so white was a great option for adding a little flare to the photo holder, without distracting from the space or the photo itself. If you do not have white paint but want a nice white tent to the outside of the mason jar photo holder, you could use white tissue paper and craft glue. Using tissue paper will allow the mason jar to be recycled again without much fuss.

DIY ECO PHOTO HOLDER2-If you are painting your mason jar, you will want to ensure there is a window to see the photo through the glass. To preserve a space from being painted or glued over, take masking tape or an adhesive label and press it down on the center of the jar. The adhesive should stick tightly to the glass so that when it is painted over or glued, the area with the adhesive protectant will be preserved. If you plan on placing flowers, leaves, or bows on top of the mason jar, you may want to place the adhesive protectant layer a little lower so those décor elements on the lid do not hang down and cover the window to your photo. Again, painting or adding a decorative flare to your mason jar photo holder is completely optional. Your photo holder will look just as incredible without additional decor items.

DIY ECO PHOTO HOLDER3-If you are painting the exterior of your mason jar photo holder, now is the time. Paint the entire mason jar with a thin layer of paint. If you are using tissue paper and craft glue instead, apply a thin layer of craft glue, then add a layer of tissue paper on top of the glue. The tissue paper will practically melt into the craft glue. Press the tissue paper to the glass jar with your hands or a paintbrush. Layer the tissue paper onto the glass as thick or thin as you would like. Whether painting or applying tissue paper, stroke the paint or glue out from the label to the glass. If you use too much pressure painting on the edges of the adhesive it could affect the crisp window line we want in the final product.

4-Before the paint (or glue) fully dries, remove the masking tape or label that was used to create the window to frame your photo. Removing the label while the paint (or glue) is still damp will aid in a clean removal, that won’t tear off any extra tissue paper or paint.

DIY ECO PHOTO HOLDER5-Last, but of course not least is our star of the show; the photo! Choose a photo that you love. Place the photo next to the mason jar to see how the size compares to the shape of the jar. It is expected for the photo to be slightly curved inside the jar. If the photo is extremely large, go ahead and trim off some of the edges of the jar. Then place the photo inside the mason jar and see how it sizes up inside the mason jar. If you realize the photo will not sit well inside the window, do not loose hope. Instead, take a little tape, fold it over on itself so that it is double-sided (or use double-sided tape if you have some) to secure the photo to the inside-back of the jar. This way the photo is stays exactly where it needs to in order to be in the frame.

DIY ECO PHOTO HOLDER6-To add a little extra flare, now is the time to include those additional craft elements that make the mason jar photo holder your own. Flowers glued to the lid, a twine bow, or accent jewels are a great addition to the exterior of your mason jar. Whatever, and however you customize your mason jar photo holder, you can be sure that this craft is a creative and personalized element to add that much more of a personal touch to any space.

Not only are mason jars affordable, they are resourceful. Use mason jars for canning, storing bulk items, and now, you can use them to frame your precious family photos in style. Use this DIY mason jar photo frame to add a stylish accent to your home or office.

Display beautiful photos for yourself with minimal supplies. Or, use the instructions to create a personalized and thoughtful gift. The possibilities are endless, which makes the DIY mason jar craft a perfect activity to create an unforgettable piece of art without the cost and economic footprint of comparable photo décor items.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, we could not do it without you!


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