How To Detect Shark In Our Daily Products?

How To Detect Shark In Our Daily Products?

How To Detect Shark In Our Daily Products

Sitting on the list of endangered species are sharks! And unfortunately, the threat to their existence is not only due to climate change or degradation of their habitats, but also because of human activities! The more sharks we kill (either directly or indirectly) the more the risk of wiping their species off the earth. And sharks are necessary sea creatures which makes it important that we all as humans work hard to protect them. 

Now you may think: I don’t go to the sea to find and kill sharks, hence I’m not endangering sharks any further. Unfortunately, this is false! There are so many different products in the market that include shark parts. Most of these products are day to day products you use without a second thought. Learning about these products and learning how to detect shark parts within products can enable you to play your part in helping the sharks. The more people boycott shark products, the lesser the need to kill sharks to make them. 

Daily products that might contain shark


The first things we will be looking into are the easy-to-spot products that most likely contain shark parts. These products are probably things you buy daily or weekly. They include rock salmon, flake, whitefish fillet, fish fingers, imitation crab sticks, pet food, supplements with squalene, jewelry, anti-aging cream, garden fertilizer, deodorant, skin lotion, hair dye, lip balm, conditioner, makeup, sunscreen, wallets, energy drinks with chondroitin, sandpaper, medicinal creams, and even face cleansers. 

Ingredients to look out for

When purchasing products, looking out for these ingredients will help you know if it contains sharks.

·        Shark fins

Shark fins are either added to food ingredients and sold as meals, or are dried before being sold. Foods with shark fins are mostly consumed by Asians and are usually found in Chinese restaurants or in Chinatown in any part of the world. They can also be found in restaurants, stores, markets, and online stores. 

Shark fin is so openly sold and consumed that most people find no issue with buying or consuming them. To aid the movement, you can stop consuming shark fins.

·        Squalene (shark liver oil)

Shark liver oil is oil gotten from a shark’s liver. It’s often used in making cosmetic products such as body creams and lotions, hair conditioners, cleansers, and deodorants. It is also utilized for makeup products such as lipstick, eye shadows, and lip balm. 

Squalene is sometimes used to make supplements and pills because it is assumed to contain medicinal properties. Sometimes it’s also used for making vaccines, cleaning agents and 


·        Shark meat

Although they are not consumed as frequently as other species of fish, shark meat, ray meat and skate are still consumed World Wide. Recently, it was discovered that shark meat is not as nutritious as other types of fish and meat and this reduced the demand for it and its appearance on menus. However, this development did not completely wipe off the killing of sharks for their meat. In almost every part of the United States, you will find mako or threshers in grocery stores. Most restaurants, in a bid to sell sharks anyway, change the name of the shark meals to make them more appealing. To spot these lookout for shark names like rock salmon, flake, catfish, Huss, steakfish, lemon fish, Rigg, ocean filet, cape fish, grayfish, little salmon, locks of Schiller, whitefish fillet and sea eel. 

·        Shark byproducts

Shark parts are also frequently used for making fishmeal made to feed livestock and pets. If you have a pet –especially cats or dogs –it is important that you check your pet food ingredient for sharks.

Shark parts are believed to make great supplements for dogs and sometimes, even chew toys. Sometimes these products are used as fertilizers, so as a garden or farm owner, look through each item for shark parts before purchase.

·        Shark cartilage pills

Shark cartilage is widely sort after for pills and powders. This is because lots of companies use it in making dietary supplements and believe it is an effective cure for cancer. It is also frequently used as medicine to reduce or cure ailments such as shingles, arthritis, rheumatism, eczema, asthma, psoriasis and hemorrhoids. 

Shark cartilage pills or powder are also quite popular and are sold in all parts of the world. This means there could be supplements and drugs at your nearest clinic with shark cartilage! 

Although there has been no scientific proof that shark cartilage has any real benefits as supplements, its popularity still grows. To spot this shark part in your products, search ingredient lists for chondroitin or shark cartilage.

·        Shagreen

Sharks have very strong skin. This makes them targeted animals by companies in need of leather for clothes, shoes, bags, belts and so on. Recently, the popularity of shark skin leather has spiked up, especially in the midst of celebrities and the elite. You can easily see famous people like Gordon Ramsay, Nicki Minaj and Will Smith wearing attires made with shark skin. Designers like Jimmy Choo and Tory Burch also make use of shark leather for their shoes and bags. Sharks such as bull sharks, whip rays, hammerhead, sandbar, dusky, tiger sharks and lemon sharks are the most popular sharks used for these products. All over the world shark leather is used to make more luxury products such as wallets, clothes, bookcases, watchstraps, phone cases and many more. To help protect sharks, you can stay away from items made with shark skin. 

·        Shark teeth

Just like shark skin, a shark’s tooth is also very strong and is often used in fashion. In souvenir shops close to rivers, you can easily find shark teeth kept in bottles or used for trinkets. They are also used for making jewelry. 

Only certain species of sharks are under CITES are protected from being dismembered and sold. Unfortunately, even with these laws, some of these sharks are sold illegally. 


Sharks are a species that should be protected. And while one person may not be able to do it alone, in unison with others determined to protect the sharks, we can boycott products made with shark parts and force companies to stop using sharks for their products. Share this information with as many people as you can and help save the sharks!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, we could not do it without you!


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