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The Environment with SOSFuture

Hello and welcome to SOSFuture. If you are here that means you know the impact of a clean environment and is willing to work towards keeping it clean or perhaps you are looking to learn more about how you can help to change the damage done to mother earth. Well, either way, you are welcome to SOSFuture.

Do you know how you impact the earth, the effect of plastics and non-bio-degradable wastes? Do you know that by going green – and even though it includes eating locally grown organic foods – using earth safe products and recycling can change the world and give our children and their children a better survival chance tomorrow. The life of the earth is in our hands, join us today and let’s make it better.

At SOSFuture, we are a group of green-minded individual that is keen on doing our part to change the effect of improper waste management by controlling how we handle our own in-house wastes. In addition to the following, we also give our members the proper education about our environment.

What is SOSFuture?

We are a non-profit organization that wants to help the environment, reduce the impact of pollution in the atmosphere and our surrounding. You can refer to us as the “green” family as we are looking for greener alternatives to better our environment and changing our mentality about garbage, recycling, and going green.

What we do?

At SOSFuture, our environmental conscience-self allows us to speak openly about the negative impact of the pollution and how we can better it. Some ways we impacting are:

  • Giving environmental classes: new and old members attend a going green class that teaches us all about the environment. These lessons include how we can help the environment, ways to go green and waste management.
  • We sell environmentally friendly products that help to keep the environment clean and reduce the rate of pollution. These are products (Earth safe product) that are safe for us and even safer for mother earth. Products in this category follow the 3Rs rule – reuse, reduce, and recycle items such as cloth shopping bags instead of plastic bags, stainless steel straws, multi-purpose cleaning cloths instead of paper towels, etc.

How can you help?

SOSFuture is the effort of you and me: we will love you to join us today and save this home for our kids and us. We welcome all members that have ideas to share concerning our planet and on greener alternatives. For environmental lovers like us that have products for sale, become a seller with us today

This earth is the only livable planet we have, so why not join us today and save our home.

If you would like to read more, follow the link:

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