How Recycling helps the environment

How Recycling helps the environment

the importance of recycling to the environment


The Importance of Recycling to the Environment

We teach our kids to put the trash in the waste bin but have we taught them the importance of trashing our garbage and how proper treatment of waste can help our environment, safeguard their future, prevent pollution, or how using earth safe products and introducing ways of go green can change the world as we see it today and forever. Our children are the future, and they will only enjoy this earth, when we have to protect, preserve, and recycle today for a sustainable tomorrow.

Welcome to SOSFuture, your neighborhood watchdog on changing the way we handle our waste and teaching us the importance of recycling to our environment. At SOSFuture we

  • Learn the impact of recycling on the environment
  • How recycling helps the environment?
  • Ways to prevent pollution and keep a good environment
  • Ways to go green...and more

What is recycling?

what is recylcingEvery day, millions of plastics and debris wash into oceans from our neighborhood, our drainage are clogged with dirt, new diseases and germs are discovered daily, our air is heavy and our waters unsafe, but the good thing is that we can change all this. Perhaps not immediately, but if we all pitch in and do our little best, and employ others to do the same, our planet and environment will be healthy and safe for our kids and their kids.

Recycling is reusing. It means that we should learn to reuse what we have instead of buying more waste and piling up dirt that ends up in landfills, our oceans, the drainage and finally back to us with dire consequences. Recycling helps us to regulate our household wastes, lowers greenhouse emissions and landfilling. Although regulated landfills are okay, they have a detrimental and adverse effect on the environment and people that leave miles away from these sites.

The importance of recycling to the environment

Controls pollution

To control pollution, we have to understand what pollution is – it is the introduction of harmful substances or items that don’t conform to our natural environment or tampers with the harmony of the planet. These pollutants can be air, land, light, sea, and noise or even foreign occurring substances due to our pollution. However, there are ways to prevent pollution and reduce the harmful effect of greenhouse gases that are damaging the ozone layers, affecting the climate and causing an increase in natural disasters, and creating spaces for new breeds of diseases to thrive on.

Ways to prevent pollution

reusable bottleUse reusable bottle: plastics are the biggest pollutant we have to date. It is filling up our drainages, disposed of in our oceans, killing marine life, deforming the beauty of our cities and in turn harming us.  In the United States alone, 2.5 million water bottles are used every hour; multiply this number by 365 days of the year and we have almost 1 billion water bottles. However, when we reuse these bottles, we gradually cut down the quantity and repair our environment too.

howto compostStart a compost site: One way to reduce the food waste in our household is to start a compost site, just find a small corner and dispose your degradable food waste missed with sand and allow decomposition which can be used in our flower pots, gardens, and for the grass in the yard

Trash Properly: If you can’t afford two or three bins in your home, have bags that will house glass, tin, paper that is sent to your local recycling station for proper disposal or recycled for other products.

Don’t dispose of oily wastes in your drain: Communities across the US have sites where you can take your old car oil for reuse where the old oil is properly recycled and reused. These methods and many more such as taking a walk to your office or the road transit system instead of using your car to limit air pollution and more are ways to prevent pollution.

    Ways to go Green

    Some people still don’t understand what it means by going green. To go green means devising more eco-friendly means that will help protect and keep the environment safe for us and future generations. This may include changing our lifestyle and be responsible for our immediate environment.

    Some ways to go green are:

    • Replace chemical and aerosol home cleaning agents with essential oils or natural air fresheners: TRY some DIY!
    • Try natural energy sources such as solar, wind, and water or even in developing countries use of human waste as a source of energy. This reduces the amount of CO2 and conserves energy
    • Turn off the tap when you are not using water, reprogram the sprinklers or use a watering can. You can store water in containers to limit how many times the tap is turned on
    • Feed on organically grown foods and avoid processed or packed foods. You can also start a vegetable gather in your yards or backyard to increase the cleanliness of our air and keeps us healthy.
    • Donate your unwanted items to the homeless or send them to the recycling center to be sorted out and redistributed.

    Use Earth safe products

    What are earth safe products: these are products that are safe for you and the earth. They are usually biodegradable products that help users reduce, reuse and recycle, it also helps us prevents pollution in the environment. Earth-friendly products are replacing plastics straws with aluminum straws, clothes made from recycled materials, using stainless drinking bottles instead of plastic water bottles.

    Aside from the above, we can swap our chemical cleaning agent for more natural options like vinegar, washing soda, lemon, and borax.TRY some DIY!

    At SOSFuture, we are passionate about the environment and more importantly how recycling can change the environment. Our recycling ideology extends beyond our home to our environment and the world at large. However, we know we can’t do it alone that why we are calling on you and you to join us to create a sustainable and healthy future for our kids and their kids. It will also allow us to enjoy the environment while we are still here.


    Thank you, thank you, thank you, we could not do it without you!

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    how recycling helps the environment 


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    • I appreciate that this article mentioning the importance of living green and implementing eco-friendly ways in order to preserve and protect the environment. Not a lot of households and businesses probably do this, but I hope that seeing natural disasters make them realize the roles they play in this situation. I just hope that everyone tries to practice recycling from the biggest construction projects up to the smallest household chores.
      Zoe Campos

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