10 DIY Recycled Gift Wrapping

10 DIY Recycled Gift Wrapping

Every holiday season literally tons of waste is collected from gift wrapping alone. This year you can help limit the buildup of waste and even save money on gifts by reducing, reusing, and recycling Christmas wrapping with these 10 alternative options!


Scrap fabric, towels, and even blankets can be used as a form of gift wrap. There are so many different options of fabric to use, and then even more flexibility with the textures of the fabrics. Choosing a specific type of fabric for a gift adds a nice layer of thought to the gift you are giving.


Wrapping a gift in clothing is like receiving two gifts in one. Beanies, socks, scarfs, and more can be used as adorable wrapping to even more fun gifts. The shape of the beanies and socks make it easy to stuff with presents, especially gift cards and fun little surprises. But, if you want to be really creative, cut up a pair of old jeans or sweater sleeve and use that as reused wrapping as well!


Items such as blankets and pillowcases make fabulous gift wrapping. The best thing is that these can easily hold larger gifts. You could even pack a blanket inside a pillowcase for a super cozy gift set.


Kitchen towels, hand towels, bath towels, beach towels; there are so many towels to choose from and each one can be wrapped around a gift and tied with a bow for the perfect reusable Christmas wrapping.  

Paper Bags or Reusable bags

Have an extra reusable bag at home? Consider using it as a gift bag. You will not only have a nice container for your gift, the receiver could then reuse the bag for their own shopping. No reusable bag at home? No problem! Ask for paper bags at the store, then use the brown bag as wrapping paper for your Christmas gifts.

Home Art

Turn the children’s masterpieces into wrapping paper! Artwork brought home from school or even a fun family Christmas craft can be reused into a special gift wrapping. Simply take the drawn-on paper and use your best present wrapping skills to fold it around the gift. However, you might want to get your child’s approval first.

Magazine Covers, Book Sleeves or Music sheets

Both magazine covers, book sleeves and music sheets make great wrapping paper because they have a shiny exterior and can be folded easily. Not to mention, there are a variety of different topics to choose from depending on the interests of the gift receiver.

Paper Rolls and Boxes

Toilet paper rolls, paper towel roles, and empty cardboard boxes can all be used to wrap gifts. Find fun gifts that can fit inside a paper towel roll or box, then cut and fold over the open sides. You can finish off the gift wrapping with special decorations, such as drawing on a snow man, painting it candy cane colors, or turning it into your favorite holiday character.


Know someone who loves to travel? Map wrapping paper is perfect for them. Look to see if you have old maps laying a round or pull out a page from an atlas. Maybe even find and recycle those old state park maps from years ago. Who knows, they may even want to use the map again too!


From the comics, to the sports, to the weather section, there are so many fun ways to use newspaper to wrap a Christmas gift. You can even highlight certain words to make them stand out to your gift receiver.

Make it a Set

Giving a themed gift is not only fun for the receiver, it creates an excellent opportunity for fun and useful gift wrapping. Think of the theme you are trying to achieve and imagine a large or flexible item that could wrap around everything. Maybe the gift wrapping is a scarf for some beautiful accessories, or a kitchen towel for a few wooden utensils. Even consider buckets and bags, such as a beach bag full tropical treats or a bathroom storage bin filled with spa items. Let your creativity be the inspiration for the wrapping of this gift. It will be unique to the gift receiver and a gift you will remember as well.

Receive and Reuse

Did you also receive some wrapping paper from another gift? Avoid throwing it out, and instead reused that gift wrapping. If you are very careful in unwrapping, the paper may be salvageable enough to fold, store and used again on another gift. If you had fun unwrapping and tore through the paper. Use the paper scraps on DIY Christmas cards or gift tags!

The possibilities of creative and reused gift wrapping are endless. Add some fun and function in your wrapping this year by using the 10 reusable gift-wrapping ideas above.

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