How Bad Are Pollutants Affecting The Ecosystem?

How Bad Are Pollutants Affecting The Ecosystem?

Time and time again, there have been different organizations preaching and enlightening the public on the importance of recycling. Recycling products aren’t only necessary to save more money, they are needed for the protection of life. A lot of people are quite oblivious to how much damage different types of pollutants can have on the ecosystem.

This article would delve deep into this subject, detailing just how toxic different types of pollutants are;

Plastic Cups

Plastic cups are one of the major items polluting the world right now. Although these cups look harmless when compared to oil, they are in fact dangerous. According to research, chlorinated plastic cups release toxic chemicals into the soil and the environment. These chemicals are then transferred in any form of water body or water resources around. As a matter of fact, a study of the Rozalia Project confirms that a plastic item is released into water every three seconds.

Food Containers

Food containers and plastic bags are sweeping the ocean and increasing in the amount every day. Food containers are made with polystyrene foam and takes years to degrade properly. These containers clog up the drainage and other water systems. This means, it will keep harming the environment for years.


Did you know that Americans use a little over 500 million straws daily? Ever imagined what happens to these straws when they are not disposed properly? Straws are made of plastic, which never really breaks down. All that happens to them is that they separate into tiny bits after a period of time. Marine animals are in danger when straws are left multiplying by the second.

Paper Towels

Paper towels have become one of the most used items over the years. More than 13 billion pounds of paper are consumed annually, which is the equivalent of 80 rolls per person. The environmental hazards of paper towels are very much noticed in its manufacture than its disposal. This is a breakdown;

To manufacture the aforementioned annual amount would cause the chopping of over 110 million trees.

A lot of energy is exerted during its production, causing carbon dioxide to fill the atmosphere.

Once it is used, it is disposed in landfills, which over time emits methane gas. Methane gas, like carbon dioxide, has been linked to climate change in many studies.

There are so many other pollutants, but these are the most neglected and unattended. What might seem harmless, might be exactly what the world needs to get rid of right now.


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