5 Benefits of the Coronavirus Curfew on the Environment

5 Benefits of the Coronavirus Curfew on the Environment

Unfortunately, there are no doubts that this pandemic Coronavirus has caused the deaths of many and created a downturn in the economy of the world at large. Although the havoc is threatening as other viruses of the past, the truth is, there are still some advantages to it. Don't be surprised that the environment, though, going through crisis still has a lot to enjoy from this Coronavirus and the curfew associated with it. There are a quite number of benefits that are of obvious effects on the environment. Below are the five benefits of the Virus on the environment.

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Better atmospheric condition

One beautiful benefit of the curfew caused by the virus is a friendly atmosphere. Since nobody is expected to move around even to ply the roads with cars, the condition of the atmosphere has been greatly affected positively. All the everyday rushing that goes on in both small and megacities have all been put on hold and cars have been left to rest. This in return means that many will rest from the exhaust that is emitted from cars as well as the environment at large. Because of the curfew, the CO2 has dropped rapidly as recorded by researchers all over the world. They have observed closely the difference in CO2 before the curfew and during the curfew. And they conclude that it benefits the environment. With the drastic fall in these harmful gases, many that adhere to the curfew will be safe from both the virus and the effects of CO2. Not just that, but the other harmful gases that are likely to disrupt the atmospheric condition of the environment will also not thrive. With zero or fewer cars on the road, the environment is currently in a state of incubation that will last for a while. Just as researchers have expounded on this, the condition of the atmosphere is much better now than it has ever been.

Balance in the ozone layer

The curfew caused by this virus will not just reduce the number of cars but the reduction in the purchase of oil. The process is somewhat like this, no movement for persons so there will be no need for cars to be used and certainly no reason to buy fuel for the car. This flow can be to the disfavour of oil suppliers but the advantage of the environment. The limited use of fuel will, in turn, reduce the emission of gas to the atmosphere which can affect the ozone layer. Over time, there has been continuous degradation of the ozone layer caused by the use of these crude oil products. But with a reduction in the use of oil, an healthy atmosphere is guaranteed for all and also for the already affected ozone layers. Such that the earth is gradually turning towards being in a balanced state again.

Increased good health rate

It is not ironical to say that the health rate of the world will increase during the curfew. This is because the mortality rate over the years has mostly been caused by poisonous gases that are inhaled. All those gases that are expelled from vehicles have been a major source of health

decline in the environment. All over the world, the recorded cases of health issues are mostly connected to these gases. So, if these gases are out of the way then we are sure that we can boast of good health for all age ranges. The virus that has kept many at home as in a way prevented them from exposing themselves to substances that will even kill them faster. When there is no exhaust from cars, no pollution from industries because of the lockdown then, the death rate will be replaced successfully with good health rate.

Reduction in human pollution

Aside from the gas that is always polluting the environment when people are on the road, the people themselves can constitute pollution as well. The number for people on the road will determine the level of waste that is being disposed along the road and this has drastically reduced. The rate at which the environment is being polluted has been reduced to the minimum as people are only disposing of their dirt in their houses. The road is now free from pollution of various kinds that humans are likely to contribute to the environment. With the restricted movement, the environment will maintain it's sereneness and also be rid of the Coronavirus that can be transferred from persons to persons.

More oxygen for all

This curfew is a good way to return to the good old time. Those times where there were no cars on the roads but horses that don't emit gases to the atmosphere. The good old time where hoes and cutlasses did the work without polluting the environment, unlike tractors that emit gases for humans to suffer. Those good old times where travelling didn't amount to air pollution. The good old time when the ozone layer was favourable for the growth of plants and beautiful vegetation everyone to enjoy. So here we have it, time away from those sophisticated technologies that endanger our health. Now, we can enjoy the good oxygen from the plants that are not being polluted by the gases that emanate from all the devices in these times. Most assuredly, the curfew will help to cleanse the environment at large and keep many safes at the same time.

 So you see, although, the bad side of this Coronavirus is evident, the good side of the curfew is beneficial to all. Since the lockdown is in effect everywhere, the environment will continue to be peaceful and healthy regardless of the virus that is spreading. The curfew has successfully replaced the virus with good health by reducing it's spread. Finally, it is important to note that the virus curfew will only benefit all if, the stay-home policy is strictly adhered to otherwise, the environment might not be a safe place after all.

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