Pollution and ways to prevent pollution

Pollution and ways to prevent pollution

Pollution, a word we hear almost every day wherever we go from schools to offices and our homes. Pollution has affected our natural environment so much that it feels natural for a place to be polluted. The pollutants which are the causes of the different types of pollution like water, air, noise, soil, and so many others come in various forms, but mostly waste products from our usual day to day activities. The deadly effects of pollution on our ecosystem has increased over the years and caused us more harm than before. Pollution in their different forms has negative effects on the human health generally and in the future might become worse as the emission of greenhouse gases causing global warming is increasing at an alarming rate. In the long run, the depletion of the earth’s ozone layer caused by mostly human activities leaves us with a high risk of Ultra Violet rays. Pollution not only has effects on humans, but our dear plants and animals. Imagine a world without food to eat as a result of pollution caused by over-consumption and unique use of things. Some major factors have affected us from knowing how bad pollution has affected us in our world. Education is one key factor that has hindered us from knowing these things. Ignorance about our ecosystem has made us completely unaware of the risks that pollution brings to our society.

Some Facts about Pollution You Need To Know

  • Pollution is as dangerous as malaria and HIV regarding the number of deaths it has caused.
  • People who live in communities with a high level of pollution have about 18% to 22% higher risk of dying from lung cancer compared to people who live in less polluted communities.
  • The National Academy of Sciences estimated that ocean-based sources of products like cargo ships and cruise liners had dumped fourteen billion pounds of waste products into the ocean.
  • Annually, over a million seabirds and a hundred thousand sea mammals are killed by pollution.
  • Every year, the Mississippi River carries at about a million and half metric tons of nitrogen pollution (a form of water pollution) and dumps it into the Gulf of Mexico. This reduces the amount of oxygen in the area thereby creating a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico every summer period.
  • About forty percent of the lakes in America are too polluted. This makes it almost impossible for fishing, aquatic living, and swimming.
  • Americans take five percent of the world’s population. The United States makes use of twenty-five percent of the world’s resources. As a result of this, burning up an estimated twenty-five percent of the world’s coal, twenty-six percent of the world’s oil and twenty-seven percent of the world’s natural gas.
  • Every year, a massive amount of one trillion and two hundred billion gallons of untreated sewage and industrial waste are dumped into the United States water.
  • In the year 2010, eighty-five million tons of waste materials were prevented from being disposed of by recycling and composting. It was a huge progress compared to the eighteen million tons prevented in the year 1980.
  • Every year, more than three million children under the age of five die as a result of environmental factors such as pollution.

(Source: www.dosomething.org)

We can make a big difference in our ecosystem and reduce the dangerous effects of pollution in our communities. With SOS Future, your contributions can make our dear earth safer and be free of pollution. Together, we can make an impact on our environment and create a better future for our next generation and beyond by applying a simple step every day.

Who we are and our Mission

We are a non-profit focused on educating and shedding light on environmental issues affecting the current state of the environment and developing new ways to decrease negative footprints for future generations via classes and sustainable products.

Realigning with nature is possible, and we believe in it!

That's the reason we created the non-profit organization SOS Future.

Having the vision to reduce waste and inspire people to live closer to nature, it’s our Drive, our Passion, and our Mission.

To make this happen, we need to go to the root of the problem:

  • Education! Pollution is a matter of education. We can't apply what you we are not aware of. That's why we are here for to educate and to shed light on environmental issues affecting the current state of the environment and developing new ways to decrease negative footprints for future generations via our classes and our sustainable products. Educational options are available to become a hero by learning more about your environment and how to save it.
  • Firstly, an awareness pollution class where you will be introduced to simple solutions that can be easily integrated into our day to day activities to make an impact wherever you find yourself.
  • Also, art classes which enable you to express yourself with recycled materials freely.
  • Refurbished classes also available where you can learn to bring the dead furniture back to life or build furniture from scratch with a recycled material such as a coffee table, shelves made of palettes and so much more.
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) recycle projects would be in practice too where you can create exciting and amazing projects made with recycled material.
  • A family green workshop where second Sunday members of families will have opportunities to create different works of art together in a positive engaging and fun environment.
  • The last but not the least is the Dumpster Drivers class where children will help to drive and control robots that perform the function of picking up garbage dumped into our rivers and lakes, mostly garbage floating on water.

Join the SOS Future organization today and be informed. Taking care of your environment makes you a hero and heroes are who we and the next generation to come are looking up to.

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