The Ultimate Guide for a Zero Waste Christmas

Oh Christmas, time of celebration and traditions. 

ultimate guide for a zero waste christmas


The most beautiful time of the year is almost here and you can already feel the holiday spirit! Beautiful lights and lovely decorations everywhere. However, being eco-friendly at this time of the year is more difficult.

Although having a zero waste Christmas is a challenge, it can be a rewarding experience and a new tradition you can start this year! In this article, you will find useful information and some great ideas to have a zero waste Christmas!

Christmas Tree Alternatives

eco friendly christmas tree

First of all, let’s talk about the focal point of every house’s decoration: the Christmas tree! You already know the conventional options: buying a real tree every year or reusing a fake one. But having a Christmas tree shouldn’t be limited to these two options. 

There are more eco-friendly and original alternatives! This year, you can start a Christmas tree project and create something unique. Check some inspiration ideas:

  • Tree Painting: Support a local artist or have fun painting a Christmas tree on a wall or canvas.
  • Pallet Tree: Collect some old pallets, decorate them, and create a rustic Christmas tree!
  • Photo Tree: Use double-sided tape to stick some family photos to your wall and form a Christmas tree!

  • Sustainable Decorations 

    orange Christmas ornament

    Decorating for Christmas is a wonderful activity to spend some quality time with friends and family! There are some tips to make it a zero waste activity too:

    • You don’t need to buy new ornaments each year. You can have a great time getting creative with the things you already have!  

    • If you want a different style, you can exchange ornaments with your friends and family! Likewise, you can find some interesting items in secondhand stores.

    • Another great idea to be zero waste is making your own Christmas decorations out of reused materials! You can repurpose old CDs, fabrics, glass jars, and even naturals options like dried citrus rings and cinnamon sticks!

    • If you want to buy something new, opt for eco-friendly and durable materials, such as wood, bamboo, metal and fabric. 

    Eco-friendly Gifts 

    edible gifts

    This year, instead of buying the first thing you see, consider giving meaningful and eco-friendly gifts to your loved ones! You can make this possible with some zero waste options:

    • Edible Gifts: You can buy or prepare something your family loves. Decorate a glass jar or a cardboard box and fill it with Christmas cookies, dehydrated fruits, granola, or others!
    • Experiences: Instead of giving material things that your loved ones won’t use, opt for gifting experiences! Most of them will enjoy going to a concert, a theme park, an escape room, or any other!
    • Hobbies and Skills: Another zero waste option is gifting courses, classes, or subscriptions to streaming services! Make sure to find something they will like. You can gift painting or cooking classes, a course to learn something new and more!

    Zero Waste Gift Wrap 

    zero waste Christmas gift

    If you decide to gift something consciously made, you need to find a zero waste option to wrap it too. Unfortunately, glitter wrapping paper is not an eco-friendly option because it isn’t recyclable. Check some zero waste alternatives:

    • Wrap your presents with fabric using the traditional Japanese Furoshiki Method. You can repurpose old scarves or cut some old shirts you don’t use to create a zero waste wrap!
    • Use brown paper from paper bags and decorate it. Then, tie your present up with string or use recyclable paper tape!
    • Decorate old cardboard boxes.

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    Christmas Meals 

    Christmas meal

    One of the best things about Christmas is the food! But without planning, it can be one of the main sources of waste. Try to keep it zero waste with these eco-friendly tips: 

    • Before going food shopping, make a list of the ingredients you need to prepare your food. With this, you won’t buy something you won’t use! 
    • Remember to avoid food packaging when possible.
    • Don’t throw away veggie scraps. Compost them or save them in the freezer to prepare a delicious stock later!
    • Skip single-use items. Use cloth napkins, reusable utensils, cups, and plates. 
    • Remember to eat your leftovers or freeze them for later. You can also give leftovers to your guests!

    Now that you know these simple actions, you’re ready to be more eco-friendly and zero waste this year!



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