Ocean Pollution

Ocean/Water Pollution 

Water is the giver of life. Many believe that life as we know it started from the Ocean, with proof to back up their claims.  Anytime we picture the ocean or any water body for that matter, we think about; family picnics, hangouts, fun times walking on the beach, or games on the shore. These still hold true but the ocean is becoming a danger first, to itself, to ocean life and by extension to man, and the cycle begins all over again. 

It is basically a cycle that begins with humans. 

Water pollution is pretty much a concern in the 21st century. It is caused primarily by man’s designs and they include but aren’t limited to: 

Sewage and Waste Disposals: The growth and urbanization of major locations around the world while it brings development to said area presents staggering problems. These problems include managing space, getting clean, running water for all and effective waste management (refuse and bodily discharge). As cities grow, release of improperly treated sewage and trash into rivers and oceans cause the water to become contaminated. Planktons which are normally beneficial to the environment in that they release the oxygen we breathe in become Algal Blooms which could become harmful. When these waste disposals find their way into the sea, fish mistake them for food, eat them and are harmed as a result. 

Oil Spillage: The rapid industrialization experienced all around the world come with many benefits and also grave consequences. In places where there are oil spillages, marine life dies. As they die, some go into extinction while others are transferred to our tables through fishing. On another front, spillages make even clean, running water unsafe for drinking. 

Use of Chemicals: Chemicals used in treating water sometimes do more harm than good. This means that our water may not be as safe as we thought they were. Also, when massive tracts of land are plowed, the turned-up soil may end up being eroded and washed into the ocean during torrential rains. Considering that the soil already contains pesticides and other fertilizers, the damage wreaked upon the ocean can only be imagined.  

Contaminated Gases: Polluted air is also a major problem. Coal-fired power-plants and Chlorine-run factories release mercury into the air. These find their way into waters and contaminate marine life. As larger marine animals eat smaller ones, the toxicity level accumulates.  The larger marine life then ends up on our tables.  

Mercury is a toxin known to cause brain and nerve damage in humans. 

The sooner measures are put in place to curb indiscriminate waste disposals in the ocean and other water bodies, the better.